Weather and storm warning services

April 21, 2017

Before each trip, find out about the current and future weather forecast and seagoing conditions. Once you have set sail, you should continue to keep abreast of the weather conditions at all times. When planning your route, include possible days in port so that you are not under any time pressure. 

Depending on the sailing area, there are now various ways of obtaining the shipping forecast: for many sailing enthusiasts, a walk to the harbour master’s office to get the latest weather data is still an obligatory part of their routine. In addition, Navtex, telephone/SMS, coastal radio and the Internet can also be used to access weather information. In recent years, modern digital solutions have also become increasingly popular. This involves downloading GRIB data, i.e. the electronic representation of the weather and tidal forecasts, via a PC or a mobile device and loading it directly into the on-board navigation programs. Here are some useful contacts when you are on a sailing trip: 



Deutscher Wetterdienst
Seewetterbericht für die deutsche Nord- und Ostseeküste
Tel.: +49 (0)69-80 62 57 99

Deutschlandfunk und Deutschlandradio Kultur
Tel.: +49 (0)221-34 52 99 18



Deutschlandradio Kultur
Frequenz: Langwelle 177 kHz
Täglich 01:05 Uhr, 06:40 Uhr, 11:05 Uhr,
während der Sommerzeit auch 21:05 Uhr



Küstenfunkstellen des DP07 Seefunk

Nordsee: abgesetzte Stationen –

Hamburg Kanal 83
Accumersiel Kanal 28
Borkum Kanal 61
Bremen Kanal 25
Elbe-Weser Kanal 24
Nordfriesland Kanal 26

Ostsee: abgesetzte Stationen –

Arkona Kanal 66, 
Flensburg Kanal 27
Kiel Kanal 23
Lübeck Kanal 24
Rostock Kanal 60

Täglich 09:45 Uhr, 12:45 Uhr, 16:45 Uhr,
(zusätzlich von März bis Oktober 07:45 Uhr und 19:45 Uhr)



Deutscher Wetterdienst: Seewetter –

Deutschlandfunk: Seewetter –

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie: Gezeiten und Strömungen –