Boat building and boat yards

All ships that are under construction at your facility or that have been completed and are being stored for sale are automatically insured.
The insurance cover begins the moment the keel is laid and extends to delivery to the customer. It covers not just the ship itself, but also all related building materials and furnishings, even when these have yet to be installed.

Boat yard insurance

Also covered are services performed during refitting assignments, as well as semi-finished products (modular construction) delivered to other boatyards for further work. Depending on the manner of construction, several production facilities can be grouped together under one policy.

Scope of coverage:

  • Production, ground transportation and exhibitions are included in the cover.
  • Trial, demonstration and delivery runs are included in the cover.
  • Simple theft is included in the cover.
  • Minimal administration (no monthly reporting necessary)

Classic Business Insurance
Our business liability insurance is tailored to your needs. Damage to your customers’ yachts is included in the cover under special clauses, whether you are working on them or taking them for trial runs. In addition to customary property insurance, we also offer individualised solutions with our combined boom overload and transportation insurance. Our berth liability policy also protects you against damages caused by the elements, such as ice or flood waters.

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