Thieves beware! You can’t hide from Pantaenius!

Thieves who have their eye on sailing and motor yachts would be wise to give boats insured through Pantaenius a wide berth because the company is very successful at recovering stolen yachts using an array of imaginative methods.

At the end of last year Lars Larsen, Loss Expert at Pantaenius Denmark, received an agitated phone call from a client who reported that his Nimbus 250 motor boat, insured through Pantaenius for 1.4 million Danish Crowns, had disappeared from its mooring in Copenhagen. "This was an unusual occurrence because this particular yacht harbour is considered to be quite safe", said Larsen.

Larsen reassured the owner "Call the police and report the theft, we'll take care of everything else”.  Within 30 minutes the insurance expert had assembled all available information regarding the boat and its theft and forwarded them to MCS Marine Claim Service. This company is specialised in loss assessment, searches as well as salvage and loss management in the yachting sector and is always consulted by Pantaenius in such cases.

MCS Yacht Search RequestImmediately upon receiving instruction MCS issued an all points bulletin to its worldwide network of over 35,000 contacts, which include harbour masters, shipyards, service companies, pilots and harbour authorities, amongst others.  If the stolen Nimbus should appear anywhere then the chances are that it would be recognised quite quickly.

And that's just what happened.  Four days after circulating the information Larsen received a call.  A motorboat enthusiast had been surfing the Internet for a used boat and in the process came across the MCS Search Request.  As luck would have it, the man then found the boat during a walk in the harbour of Dragør.  He said he was sure that it was the stolen Nimbus and that it was perched atop a trailer with European plates on it.

Larsen immediately went to Dragør to confirm the boat’s identity and took with him a truck equipped with its own crane boom. Having confirmed the identity of the boat as being the one reported stolen Larsen advised the owner that his boat had been found and that he would shortly get it back.  The happy owner, in turn, notified the Danish police.

Having checked with the Danish police in respect of his legal position in recovering the boat and whether they wished to pursue their own enquiries Larsen quickly hooked up the boat and loaded it onto his truck. "I would have loved to have seen the faces of the thieves when they realised that the stolen boat had been ‘nicked’ from them“ the Dane admits.  Unfortunately, the police were not able to catch the culprits.

The owner was thrilled and pleasantly surprised to get his boat back so quickly.  Although the thieves caused a small amount of damage to the starter electrics this was quickly repaired through his insurance cover. "The main thing is that the boat is back and that the customer is happy", said ‘Scoundrel Shrek Larsen’.

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