Safe and Secure in Winter Storage

Yacht owners are mistaken if they assume that they don't need hull insurance to cover damage to their boats. During winter storage, there are a number of risks over which the vessel’s owner often has no control. In addition to theft, fire is the most common cause of damage. Fires often lead to a total loss, even where the owner isn’t responsible.

The events of the last several years show that this is not an excessively alarmist position. In Hamburg-Finkenwerder, eight vessels were severely damaged by fire. Arson is the suspected cause. In Bremen, some 40 boats were affected by a fire. The situation becomes particularly dicey where the winter storage contract contains a general waiver of recourse. If you encounter such a waiver be sure to inform your insurance company.

To put a stop to theft and arson, here are some tips:

  • An outdoor storage facility should be fenced in.
  • Lighting and night time security afford additional protection.
  • If the boat spends the winter on a trailer, either take the wheels off the trailer or put it up on blocks. Otherwise, inflate the tyres to approximately 3 to 3.5 bar (45-50 psi) in order to prevent flat spots.
  • Take valuables home that are not secured to the boat. Pantaenius offers insurance coverage for this as well.
  • The cabin should be kept locked, otherwise burglaries are not covered.

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