Free Policy Check from Pantaenius – Discover your potential savings, eliminate double insurance and gaps in cover.

Insurance contracts should be checked regularly and adapted to the current situation.  Pantaenius offers all its customers and interested parties from the super yacht sector a free policy check and a detailed risk assessment.

Regular checking of the amount insured is right at the top of the list because, after all, every yacht owner would like to be reimbursed the cost of an equivalent boat from their insurer in the event of a total loss. Owners should generally avoid a drastic over- or under- insuring of their yacht in their own interest. Particular attention must also be paid to the choice of insurer: One who reimburses the insured amount as a ‘fixed sum insured’ without any “ifs” or “buts” should be chosen.

It also makes sense to check some other elements of your policy regularly: For example, your cruising area. Is it still relevant? In general the cruising area should not be too wide as this could cost extra premium. Do you really need all of Europe or the full East coast of America? Conversely, if they have been chosen too narrowly, then gaps in cover must be closed otherwise the insurance cover is affected when it comes to making a claim. An occasional charter is also an extremely critical point if this has not been specified in the policy. If, on the other hand, it has been contractually specified, but it is de facto never practised, then the premium can be reduced! Have new works of art or antiques been taken on board? Are the tenders and waterborne toys sufficiently insured, including those which have been bought new? Is the crew adequately insured? Do the crew’s medical and accident insurances also cover leisure activities? Is there sufficient coverage for the owner in the case of work related liability claims from the crew? Can excessive or unwarranted claims from other parties or marina operators be adequately defended in the event of a claim? Does the nautical practice and qualifications of the captain and crew suffice?

Pantaenius will clarify all these and many other questions for free and without obligation for all those who have or require yacht insurance. Just ask us and we will be delighted to respond.