Don't search, find instead

An alert expert reported how he found a stolen Atomix boat by sheer coincidence.

The boat was stolen at the Tuborg Havn in 2009 and since it was a type of boat which is pretty rare in Denmark I noticed the search report immediately it was issued.

As it is my job to be around yacht harbours almost on a daily basis, I always look for boats, which are somewhat out of the ordinary. Boats without embellishments on the side, which are re-painted, carelessly deposited on the site or which are simply just very dirty immediately raise my curiosity.

On the 26th April I was in Copenhagen on a job and used my one-hour break to look around the harbour. Within a few minutes I noticed a well moored Atomix boat.  Unusually, there were neither embellishments nor insignia affixed to the hull nor did the boat have a Targa bar. I immediately remembered the search report but I was still unsure whether this was the boat stolen from the Tuborg Havn, because this one was metallic brown and did not have a Targa bar. The stolen boat was metallic blue and definitely had a Targa bar.

Don't search, find insteadI decided to have a closer look at the boat.  I took a close look at the hull number and Bingo!  My instincts did not fail me! The hull number did not coincide with the codes!

I called the police and attempted to convince them why this must be the stolen boat.  My suspicions were confirmed when the engine space was opened and the engine number determined.  According to the search request, it belonged to the boat stolen from Tuborg Havn.

In some spots it was evident that the vessel had been repainted and there were also spray-painted traces at the point where once the Targa bar had been located.  In short, the Police agreed for the boat to be towed from its berth and secured.  I would have loved to see the faces of the thieves when they noticed that they were "robbed" themselves!"

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