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Our new Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses

Pantaenius is proud to present the new Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses, including the following benefits:

Agreed Fixed Value
You know the value of your purchase, at the point of sale and during your ownership. Pantaenius offers an Agreed Fixed Value which is not subject to the vessel’s market value. Clients cannot be penalised for over or under insuring.

All Risks
No patchy additions or vague and difficult to understand limitations like “external causes”.

No complicated wording, no “due diligence”
Many claims are declined on the basis of this imprecise term. The PSYC only have exclusion for recklessness which leaves less space for interpretations.

No exclusion for wear and tear
The Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses cover physical loss or damage caused by wear and tear, corrosion, inherent vice and vermin. Only the worn and torn or corroded part is not covered.

Extended machinery cover
PSYC cover any failure in the working mechanism of the machinery. Other policies often get amended to include such failures but exclude wear and tear so machinery damage based on a worn out part is excluded.

New for old
The cover does not apply a new for old deduction to the replacement value.

Fault in design and construction
Unlike most other policies, the new clauses cover any loss or expenditure incurred in remedying a fault in design or construction provided it has caused loss or damage to the Yacht.

Additional yachts are covered
PSYC include insurance for an additional yacht up to 5,000,000 Euros free of charge for one month.

The vessel is covered against all risks while being transported as cargo by sea – contingent cover.

Tenders and additional small craft
Pantaenius offers some of the highest limits available on the market. Tenders and additional small craft have a combined limit of 500,000 Euros.

Personal effects
PSYC cover personal effects against all risks, including piracy.